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Arianna Manzo and Martina Delmarco's Impactful Internship Journey at Magnolia Responsible Travel

During their 2-month internship at Magnolia Responsible Travel, Arianna Manzo and Martina Delmarco from the University of Trento made significant contributions. Here is a glimpse of their rewarding experience:

Internship Program Overview:

  1. 1 month stay in Pu Luong Natura

  2. 1 month of office work at Magnolia's office

  3. Site-trip to Khau Pha

Their dedication and hard work have enriched our knowledge of the destination and will shape future community projects positively.

Arianna and Martina's internship journey at Magnolia Responsible Travel was a blend of hands-on experience and office-based tasks. They immersed themselves in the local culture during their stay in Pu Luong Natura, learning about sustainable travel practices firsthand. Their time at Magnolia's office provided them with insights into the behind-the-scenes operations of a responsible travel company. From assisting with itinerary planning to engaging in community outreach initiatives, Arianna and Martina embraced every opportunity to contribute.

The site-trip to Khau Pha was a memorable highlight of their internship. It offered them a chance to witness the impact of sustainable tourism on local communities and ecosystems. This experience fueled their passion for responsible travel even further. Through their dedication and enthusiasm, Arianna and Martina left a lasting impression on the Magnolia Responsible Travel team. Their fresh perspectives and innovative ideas have paved the way for future collaborations and projects aimed at promoting responsible tourism.

As they bid farewell to their internship, Arianna and Martina carry with them not only valuable skills and knowledge but also a deep appreciation for the transformative power of sustainable travel. Their journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring changemakers in the travel industry.

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