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Magnolia Responsible Travel's Internship Opportunities in Remote Touristic Communities

Magnolia Responsible Travel offers exciting internship opportunities in remote touristic communities. These internships allow individuals to make a positive impact on local communities and the environment while gaining valuable hands-on experience. Immersive Learning and Cultural Exchange: The internship program at Magnolia Responsible Travel provides an immersive learning experience. Interns get firsthand exposure to diverse cultures, local customs, and the unique challenges faced by remote communities.

Supporting Local Communities: The heart of Magnolia Responsible Travel's internships lies in supporting remote touristic communities. Interns work closely with community leaders, and residents to contribute to the sustainable development of these communities. By engaging in responsible tourism practices, interns help create positive social and economic impacts, empowering local residents and ensuring the benefits of tourism are distributed equitably.

Skills Development and Mentorship: Interns acquire practical skills in community engagement, sustainable tourism planning, product development. This hands-on experience equips them with a unique skill set applicable to future careers in the tourism industry, while fostering personal and professional growth.

Preserving Natural and Cultural Heritage: Remote touristic communities are often blessed with rich natural and cultural heritage. However, these assets can be vulnerable to exploitation or neglect. Magnolia Responsible Travel's interns play a crucial role in preserving and conserving these resources. They contribute to local conservation initiatives, promote sustainable practices, and raise awareness about the importance of protecting natural landscapes, wildlife, and cultural traditions.

The internship program requires intensive skills in communication and product development and are open for ACT (Accademia Creativa di Turismo) and Trento University for the incoming interns in two (02) communities: Doi Ngo village in Van Long Natural Reserve and Sung village in Da Bac district, Hoa Binh province.

For more information about the program, contact us at

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