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What's new with Magnolia from 2023?

Firstly, the 2023’s coming with a SIC FREE AND EASY in 10 days Vietnam, with departure from 2 paxs. A free-and-easy isn’t a new thing at all, in fact it’s a classic, but it’s our new approach to the product-making process, that allow us a modular tour that encourage the “co-create” activities by travelers. Even with a pre-fixed departure date, travelers don’t have to book the same international flights, nor must share the same visits. Each group of minimum 2 can design their own itinerary based on their interests. The chooses varies from classic on-your-own within 10 days tour, off-the-beaten-track with pre& post extensions, with options for Responsible Excursion and Sustainable Retreat… all in 01 trip.

Our pricing was never the best nor the cheapest, but the start from about 700USD/person included hotel 4* and 02 domestic flights is surely noticeable.

=> Please contact us at: for program, price, and departure dates

Secondly, thanks to the join of a new teammate with strong background in land tour in Europe, in 2023, we DESIGN EXPERIENCES for your vacation in Europe. A trip to Europe doesn’t mean visit the city’s historic center, one to another. There are so many other things to see, to experience that are unknown by Vietnamese. The EXPERIENCE DESIGN service does not include but not exempt tour operating service. By offering a separated service, we are able to fully benefit our clients by creating a list of services that they can book by themselves or choose to rely on us.

=> If you have a request, please send an email to as the person in charge and cc to

Last but not least, Magnolia as a whole, or me as an individual, offer TOURISTIC PRODUCT DESIGN, with Community tourist experiences in Van Long Nature Reserve (Doi Ngo village) and Cuc Phuong National Park (Khanh village), thanks to the project 'Sustainable Tourism and Protected Areas in a Post-COVID World' by Planeterra, are the highlight of our portfolio in 2022.

Contact us at for consulting.

In this last working day of 2022, reflecting the last years full of hardness, Magnolia Responsible Travel wishes you a new year 2023 of happiness, meaningful moments and full of new discoveries.

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