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Our Story

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From the very beginning back from 2016, Magnolia Travel team was a group of experienced, enthusiastic and full of energy, with strong background from tour guides, tour operator, saleswomen, and marketer.


Magnolia was for a simple mission: to introduce Vietnamese culture to Italian tourist by providing a suitable tour product to Italian market. Back then, there are only few tour company that specialized for Italian; most of the products are brought from french or english-speaking market.


2017 was a milestone for a newly founded company like us. We had our cashflow and start to operate regular and group tours up to 30 people. Our clients are B2B, and our tourists mostly from Italy, but also from France, and American-latin countries like Mexico and Chile. Early 2018, the staff expanded to 10 people: more saleperson and more operators.


2019 was a big hit for Magnolia, with the participation of Mr. Fabio Cappiello, a Vietnam-lover who lived in Ho Chi Minh city, we officially launch our responsible tours and redirected our product to be more and more responsible: visiting NGOs project sites in Vietnam and Cambodia, visiting responsible enterprises, using organic products (including organic food, environment-friendly souvernir...) during the trip, intergrate deeply to vietnamese's culture by slow talks to locals, artisants and martial-art masters, and by this way, encourage tourists to have more trips to Vietnam.

The collaboration was not only with service providers like hotels, tour guides, transportation providers… but also to the communities in each place we set foot on, thanks for the strong rapport with NGOs like GTV (Gruppo Trentino Volontario), Mekong Plus,… and many other socially responsible enterprises.

Alongside with leisure tours, we also manage few M.I.C.E group up to 70 people: Sur le pas du Thay Thich Nhat Hanh, or CHIESI GROUP of farmacists are two of our highlighted achivement.

Mid-2019, from a family land in Son Tay, about 60km from Hanoi, the team Magnolia took project to restructure the ruin (it was a half-constructed villa with a small pool) overview to Dong Mo lake

Covid-19 was a hard strike to tourism industry worldwide, and as an inbound tour operator, Magnolia was not excluded. After 6 months, most of our team members were disbanded, only 1 left to maintain Homestay Long Ho which finished by August 2020.

After 6 months operating Homestay Long Ho as an asset manager, our business and capacity flourished again. We took Long Ho Lagoon, an islet in Dong Mo lake, only 200m from Homestay Long Ho, both are in Long Ho hamlet, Kim Son commune, Son Tay district, Hanoi and start a camping site. During the time, we created a strong relationship with the community of Long Ho hamlet and graduately became a real destination management company.

With the border reopening, Magnolia Travel, now rebranded as Magnolia Responsible Travel divided in 3 sections: the traditional Inbound with responsible-oriented products, the Outbound - thanks to our vietnamese customers over 2 years of experience as asset management and destination manager, and the newly Magnolia Community - using our expertise as product specialist in tourism, and asset manager in dealing with physical resourses. Magnolia Community offers service to create tour product over empty paper by studying the local's culture, people's characteristics, and nature of the land.

2022 - NOW

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a great impact on Magnolia Responsible Travel but it is also a grateful challenge that marks our strong re-birth. With a renewed focus on sustainable tourist experiences, Magnolia seeks to create, enhance and share travel experiences that not only enrich the tourism knowledge of travelers but also contribute positively to local communities and the environment.


From a conventional tour organizer (2016-2018), Magnolia has undergone a significant transformation  into a responsible tour operator, specializing in pilgrimage tours and tours for NGOs. This transition marked a pivotal moment in Magnolia's journey, aligning its practices with principles of sustainability and ethical tourism. Subsequently, Magnolia evolved into a research company, focusing on sustainable touristic experiences  and initiated projects centered on sustainable development while continuing its tour operation and experiential management activities. 


Our asset of diverse expertises  forms an ecosystem benefiting stakeholders  in each community where Magnolia operates. Each project is a co-created process with the local community to generate results beneficial to all stakeholders: communities, tourists, private and public entities , and Magnolia ourselves. This holistic approach fosters mutual understanding and creates a positive impact, reinforcing Magnolia's commitment to responsible tourism and sustainable development.


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