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About Us



With the border reopening, Magnolia Travel, now rebranded as Magnolia Responsible Travel divided in 3 sections: the traditional Inbound with responsible-oriented products, the Outbound - thanks to our Vietnamese customers over 2 years of experience as asset management and destination manager, and the newly Magnolia Sustainable Experiences - using our expertise as product specialist in tourism, and asset manager in dealing with physical resourses.

Why you need us?

Here are our qualities:

Our Philosophies

Good relationship price/quality: Contracting or quality control is takes 1/3 of the success of every tour and we do it frequently by 3 ways: - via tour guides; - via calls or meeting with service providers; - via on-site inspections. Based on these 3 ways, periodically we decide which few product to be our priority and negotiate for a good price.

Product/market fit: for each market we work with, a staff/personel fluent with the country's language is obbligate to be able to think as their people's think, and to build product as their people want it to be.

Each year, we also invest many time and resourses to RnD (Research and Development) to research and develop new product that included new experience, new accomodation, even new attraction, small as a restaurant, or as big as a whole new village (see Magnolia Community)





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