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Khau Pha - The Hidden Gem In The Northwest


​ Khau Pha is a place at the gateway of Mu Cang Chai-the western highland district of Yen Bai province. This area is 150km from Yen Bai city center, more than 270km from Hanoi capital. Located at the foot of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, at an altitude of over 2,000m above sea level, Khau Pha is home to the H'mongand Thai people with unique culture and typical agriculture cultivation on terraced fields. The natural scenery of Mu Cang Chai isconsidered oneof the most beautiful and charmingdestinations in Vietnam with rolling mountains and villages interspersed between rice fields, creating a poetic butbreaktaking picture. Cuisine and local lifestyle are also factorsthat make Khau Pha attractive. This is where you can experience traditional Thai dishes and enjoy a close, friendly environment with hospitable and kind villagers.

Khau Pha Valleyiswhere you stay throughout the journey. In Thailanguage, Khau Pha means "sky horn"-thehighest land in the area whichreaching the clouds.This is a new destinationwith rustic, authentic wooden stilt housesand extremely interesting attractions and experiences of nature and indigenous culture.The Khau Pha-NorthwestHidden Gemexperience tour program is designed by Magnolia Responsible Travel withthe most authentic native cultural and natural experiences. Depending on the activities, the tour program can last 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights.

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2 days 1 night program

Experience stilt house homestays and traditional dishes of the Black Thai people

• Trekking to explore M'mong and Thai villages in Khau Pha valley

• Experience a craft workshop “The life of Cotton” and learn how to dye indigo fabric by Thai women

• Visit Khau Pha Pass - one of the four great Northwest passes

Khau Pha Pass.jpg

3 Days 2 nights program

Includes activities such as the 2 days 1 night program, in addition to the following interesting experiences:

• Experience going to the forest with the people in the village, harvesting natural products such as vegetables, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, cardamom...

• Experience farming with villagers

• Learn to cook Thai dishes from natural ingredients

Photos Program

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