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Pu Luong
Nature Reserve

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Pù Luông - the land of mountains, pristine streams cascading from the mountaintops, and a place where lush forests have provided shelter for thousands of years, is undoubtedly one of the most diverse and unmissable destinations.

The Land Of Water And Mountain - 3 days 2 nights

A 3 day 2 night journey here promises unique and diverse experiences, not to mention savoring the local specialty: Duck of Cổ Lũng.

From Hanoi, after a 4-hour journey, you arrive at Pù Luông Natura, surrounded by terraced fields, featuring an infinity pool where you can gaze at the mountain peaks and villages below.

Without traveling far, in the afternoon of the arrival day, Đôn and Bầm villages welcome you for a walk among the magnificent terrace fields, exploring the culture and life of the Thai people. On the second day, our guide will take you deeper into the forest on a trek to Kho Mường village, renowned for its biggest cave of the area where the pristine environment reminisces of prehistoric times.


Immerse yourself in nature during a boat trip to Chàm stream, capture photos with the bamboo water wheel, and listen as we explain the ancient Thai natural water distribution system before back 

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Community Experience In Don Village

Being the largest Thai ethnic village within the Pù Luông Nature Reserve, Đôn village comprises 162 households nestled amidst the picturesque mountainous landscape.

Starting from Pù Luông Natura, our local tour guide will lead you on a trek through magnificent terrace fields and beautiful rice paddies, deep into Đôn village. Here, you'll have the chance to meet and learn about the lives of the residents, capturing memorable photographs.


Stop on this exploration of Đôn village is at the home of Mr. Nhàn, owner of the oldest stilt house in the village, built in the 1950s. You’ll be explained about the house, talk to Mr. Nhan and his family, and learn to make unique palm-leaf hand fan.

Continuing the journey, you'll visit a family specializing in traditional weaving techniques, gaining insight into the art of ”thread-picking," used to create patterns on scarves or traditional Thai women’s belts.

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Pu Luong Natura

Discover the amazing benefits of Magnolia's collaboration with Pu Luong Natura, a 3.5* facility in Pu Luong, to enhance your clients' Experiences.

Internship opportunity in
Pu Luong

The internship opportunity in Pu Luong presents an excellent chance to participate in community tourism and gain valuable experience in making a positive impact. Join us for this unique experience and make a meaningful difference.

News about Pu Luong

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