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Huu Lung - Back To Nature


Huu Lung is located in the south of Lang Son province, about 120km from Hanoi. This is an attractive destination known for its poetic landscape and beautiful cultural identities. Huu Lung boasts many natural features, including caves, rocky karst mountains, primeval forests and beautiful waterfalls. Particularly attractive are community-based ecotourism sites, which showcase rich local cultural heritage.

Huu Lien commune stands out as one of the most attractive destinations in Huu Lung with a diverse landscape that changes with the seasons. It is home to several ethnic groups, including the Tay, Dao, Nung and Kinh, with the weekly markets adding a unique imprint to the local daily life.

The Huu Lung - Back To Nature tour program was designed by Magnolia Responsible Travel with charming and authentic experiences. We have two schedules for 3D2N and 2D1N with main activities as follows:

2 Days 1 Night Tour Highlight

-    Trekking to Huu Lien Nature Reserve, visiting Khe Dau Waterfall and kayaking on Nong Dung Lake.
-    Explore Dong Lam Valley and trekking to visit the "forgotten village" Lan Dat, experience Dao tribe culture with local people.
-    Relax at Mai's House Homestay and Retreat with tranquility and view of the fields and mountains.
-    Experience herbal foot bath with natural remedies from local people
-    Experience local cuisine with indigenous dishes

Đồng Lâm Valley 2.jpg
Lân Đặt Village trekking 1.jpg

3 Days 2 Nights Tour Highlight

The 3D2N tour program is basically the same as 2D1N but will have the following additional experiences:
-    Explore the Bac Mo Dam and Huu Lien forest ecosystem, harvest natural herbs yourself with the guidance of local people.
-    Participate in a pumpkin cake making workshop, a local specialty, with local people.
-    Visit the indiginous market that takes place on days ending in numbers 2 and 7 according to the lunar calendar.

Program Photos

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