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SIC 2023 by Magnolia Responsible Travel.

What is a SIC program? It’s a professional term indicate a trip that has pre-fixed date and services before the launching to market. It’s not a “tailor-made” tour that each traveler (or group of travelers) can modify as they want, but a trip that was designed to be most common to share with other travelers.

But Magnolia doesn’t do that: - It’s a Free-and-Easy: it’s not a new product at all, but it’s our new approach to the product-making process. A free-and-easy allow us creating a modular tour that can satisfy many needs without forcing people of different taste to be in a same group tour, but somehow still able to share partially cost of the trip.

- Even with pre-fixed departure date, travelers don’t have to book the same international flight, nor must share the same visits. Each group of minimum 2 can design their own itinerary based on their interests.

- The chooses varies from classic within 10 days tour, or off-the-beaten-track with pre & post extensions, with options for Responsible Excursions and Sustainable Retreats… all in one trip.

Our pricing was never the best nor the cheapest, but the start from about 700USD/person land tour included 4* hotel and 2 domestic flights is surely noticeable.

Please email us at for program, price, pre & post extensions.

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