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Tam Thanh mural village - the fractured gem

It was a project of collaboration between Korean and Vietnamese artists, funded by UN-Habitat and KF (Korea Foundation) in 2016, the Mural Village of Tam Thanh now is a failure because not engaging and educating the local community.

The project was beautiful and attracted many tourists, mostly Korean and Vietnamese, an other countries. During the project, volunteer adn artists from Korea and Vietnam interviewed the local people: children, fathers, mothers, sisters... then drew their story to their house's walls.

The project did brighten up the village.

And land price in the village was skyrocketed at that time. Locals didn't understand or be communicated about the project, thinking they're just normal paintings, started to add more paintings, sold some houses, the new owner, didn't understand anything about the paintings, erased some, added some... also erased the soul of the village.

Now many murals from famous artists were gone, along with the tourists. Tam Thanh was left behind again.

Communication, especially with the locals, for many projects is crucial. It's not the people who bring in the project, but the community is the true owner, the supervisor, and the operator in long-term. Working with communities became more and more important.

Magnolia Travel provides real connections to the core of each communities: we trained the communities to understand their potentials and capacity and to tell their story.

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